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In July, WEGO Health is getting real.  We know the online Health Activist community is an invaluable source of support and encouragement – it’s what we’ve dedicated our mission to and the best way for empowered patients to make a real difference in the lives of other patients on a grander scale. But – regardless of the infinite benefits of online community… there’s still nothing that can quite replace the power of face-to-face, offline, human connection. There’s nothing like confiding in someone, meeting a kindred spirit, or finally putting  a face to a name.  So, this July, WEGO Health is looking to foster that connection offline. We’ll be focusing on Health Activism IRL (in real life) and bringing online efforts offline (and vice versa). But worry not – it’s still June and we’re still focusing on Health Technology! We just wanted to kick-off a July project as early as possible so we can get as many of you involved as we can.




Background: Inspired by Frank Warren’s amazing project, Postsecret (if you aren’t familiar with it – go visit it immediately!)  We are asking you to share your secrets with us! In the spirit of Health Activism IRL – we’re asking patents, Health Activists, and even healthcare professions to mail in their health secrets. That means creating an actual postcard, letter, or physical note – and sending it via snail mail to the WEGO Health offices in Boston.


Logistics: Tell us something about yourself, your condition, or your health community that could be considered secret or not well-known enough. Maybe it’s a secret from back when you were first diagnosed – or something you’d confronted in your community recently. Maybe it’s something you wish you could tell the people in your life about what it’s really like to live with your condition. Maybe you want to confess something, share a thought for newly diagnosed patients, or just reiterate something that’s important to you. Tell us something that you want us and the wider online health community to know.


Who: You. And your community members. Anyone you know, really. They don’t have to be an online health leader – they can be someone you know, a caregiver, a fellow patient, or even someone in the healthcare industry. Everyone is invited to participate.


What: Health secrets, confessions, thoughts, reflections, or facts. As long as you can relate the thought to “health” (think big here – almost anything goes) – it counts!


When: Starting now until July 23rd.


Where: From your hometown to ours. We’ll be posting all of the postcards we receive on our various social media platforms, and displaying them in real life on a bulletin board here in the office. Send all postcards, letters, notes, and creations to:


WEGO Health
180 Lincoln St.
5th Floor
Boston, MA 02111


Why: To raise awareness, get our communities involved, share what’s true, encourage honesty, and have fun! Additionally – after we receive all the postcards – we’ll be creating an exclusive HealthSecret e-Book for everyone that you can SIGN UP FOR HERE. We’re hoping to get to 100 health secrets, confessions, affirmations, or shout-outs from you and other members of the online health community.


How: Be creative! You can use a postcard that’s pre-made or you can make your own (look at PostSecret for awesome examples). You can also write a letter and mail it in an envelope. Remember: you can send the postcard/letter anonymously or you can sign it if you’d like. Do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.


Invite others: Make sure your health community is well-represented in our e-Book – share the HealthSecret project with your friends, members, and followers. Here’s a picture you can use to share the HealthSecret project and quick blurb you can paste into a blog post, a Facebook note, email, and a tweet to tell others about it…


Blurb: Psst! Secret’s out. WEGO Health is compiling a collection of health secrets into an e-book to raise awareness and build cross-condition camaraderie. Get involved:

Tweet: Psst! Secret’s out. @wegohealth is compiling a collection of health secrets. Get involved: #HealthSecret


Any questions, concerns, comments? Email us at We cannot wait to see your secrets and start compiling this e-Book. We think the final product is going to be an incredible resource for new patients and just really awesome to read.




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  1. This article is very informative. Information is also useful.

  2. Awesome idea! The creative wheels are turning in my head.

  3. The health discussion will give many ideas to stay fit. My health secret is eating fresh food and regular exercise.

  4. IMHO health secret is just moderation and worship.
    other wise you can do exercise for better healthy and fitter body.
    and eat ever normal in night and take hard breakfast. 

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