Health Activist Blog Carnival: June

After wrapping up our Health Activist Writer’s Month – we got lots of awesome feedback from you about blog challenges. You told us what you liked, didn’t like, wanted to try again, wanted to alter, and what we can do to help you enjoy (and stick with) blogging all year long. So, to keep the blog fire burning, we’re bringing back a vintage WEGO Health staple – the Health Activist Blog Carnival!


Each month we’ll post some blog ideas, prompts, and challenges for you to try on your blog. The carnival will generally focus on the monthly theme on WEGO Health (which, for example, means that this month’s HABC will be on Health Technology) but – as you did with HAWMC – feel free to interpret the prompts in any way you want. Remember that these are for you! Enjoy them, share them, and encourage others to write about them with you (either on your blog or on their own blogs). And, as Caitlin said over on Facebook, “You can write one post, or five, or ten, or 30 if you really wish. This is a carnival; it’s supposed to be fun; and like a real carnival – you decide how many rides you want to go on.” Here’s an image you can use on your blog to tell your readers that you’re participating in the Health Activist Blog Carnival (HABC) and feel free to link it here to this post or to our Facebook Image.



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For June – here is what you can write about:


  • How do you use technology to maintain your health? Do you use a medical device, app, email your doctor, etc? Get creative!
  • Write about your favorite health app! Or download a new app, try it, and review it. Here are reviews you can use for inspiration. (If you write an app review – send it to us at and we’ll feature your review on our page!)
  • It’s the future… Write about any/all technology you’re excited about.
  • Put on your inventor hat. If you could invent any device/app what would it be?
  • Virtual Medicine, would you try it?
  • Electronic Health Records –  Do you want your data? Would you trust EHRs or EMRs? What are the pros and cons?
  • Health Activist Research Project: mHealth – How is mobile health changing the world?
  • …whatever else you can think of that relates to Health Activism and technology!


Once you write your Blog Carnival post be sure to share it with us either here on the blog or paste a link as a comment on this Facebook Image for the June HABC.



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