WEGO Health Goes to Blog World Expo

Next Tuesday, Susan and I will be heading to the Blog World New Media Expo in NYC (#BWENY – which I’ve been pronouncing bwhen-ee). We’re excited to represent Health Activism and learn as much as we can about blogging (and new media) from the pros so we can bring it back here and share it with all of the Health Activists we know and love.


We’ll be live-tweeting as fast as we possibly can – so be sure to watch @wegohealth for tweets on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you see an -S, that tweet is from Susan and if you see an -A, that tweet is from me, Amanda. Also be sure to follow along with everyone’s tweets using the #BWENY hashtag.


So – if you’re going to Blog World (or live in the NYC-area) we’d love to connect with you IRL! Tweet us or DM us and we’ll try to schedule some quality face-to-face time with you 🙂



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