Health Technology Month!

Happy June 1st! We’ve got a lot of things planned this month and hope you’ll join us for Health Technology Month.


Aside from the fact that Health Activists are captivated by: their communities, learning new things, and sharing – many members of our online health community are also notoriously tech-savvy, tech-curious, and eager to learn about how technology can improve the lives of patients, the work of healthcare professionals, and healthcare overall. So this month is dedicated to Health Technology and all of its many incarnations.


From self-tracking to mobile apps to robots to virtual medicine — we’ve got a lot to examine. We’re hoping to pull information from the most technologically-advanced among us and bring their wisdom (and just really cool info) to the whole community. Whether you’re developing an app for your health community or just really like your medical device — there’s a place for all of us to discuss this month.


Additionally we’re so ready to bring in the fellas this month for Men’s Health Month. Though it’s not secret that the majority of Health Activists are women (and we’re so proud to share that this is one place where we ladies truly dominate) — it’s time men who work for health starting discussions, raising awareness, and being generally health-centric got the spotlight. Men need emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual care too. We’re ready to talk about it and hope you will join us during the week of the 11th-17th to focus on Men’s Health with us (no matter your gender identity). Living better is a worthy goal for everyone and empowerment is powerful for all.


Have you written about Health Tech and your health, community, or just how tech enhances your life? We hope you’ll share your posts with us! Be sure to check out our Facebook for lots of features. Here is the official list of June Happenings so you can join us all month long.



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