Celiac Disease – A Health Activist Perspective

In honor of Celiac Disease Awareness Month, WEGO Health recently got in touch with Celiac Disease and Diabetes Health Activist Bridget who blogs over at Bridget Writes.  As someone who focuses on both diabetes and gluten-free, Bridget had some great things to share with us about Celiac Disease.


What do you wish other Health Activists (those not familiar with Celiac Disease) knew about you, your community, or living with celiac?

It’s a difficult process learning how to go gluten-free in the beginning, but it doesn’t mean we can’t eat anything. We have to follow a gluten-free/ lactose-free diet at my home due to celiac disease and lactose intolerance, so it was a bit of a change in cooking and lifestyle in the beginning but it’s gotten easier over time. Just because they hear gluten-free doesn’t mean we’re eating foods that aren’t yummy and delicious. There are many meals that are gluten-free that are quite tasty.

What do you wish healthcare companies (insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.) knew about you, your community, or living with celiac?

I wish there was more recognition by healthcare companies, and even doctors in general. It took a fight and battle just to get tested and finally get the diagnosis. There should be more patient listening and recognition overall.


What myth or misconception about celiac disease would you most like to set straight?

That celiac disease means you are frail or fragile. You are a normal healthy person that just happens to live with a chronic illness. The diagnosis of celiac disease forces you to live a more healthy lifestyle overall. You can do everything you did previous to diagnosis; you just have to watch the way you eat now.


Thanks to Bridget and all of our other Celiac Disease Health Activists for sharing their thoughts and experiences and helping us celebrate Celiac Disease Awareness Month!



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