Today's #HAchat – Identity in Diagnosis?

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To wrap-up our month of identifying, confronting, and correcting myths – today’s chat will center around the idea of identity. Last week we got literal: sharing myths and truths about ourselves as patients, e-patients, and Health Activists. Let’s continue with that idea – but get a bit more philosophical.


Who are you? What comprises you as a person? As a patient? As a leader?


Join us at 3pm ET to discuss the following:

– How do people’s health condition(s) play into how they see themselves?

– What’s the difference between how you see yourself pre-diagnosis and post-diagnosis?

– Does a title (definitive diagnosis) make a difference? How?

– How does a diagnosis play into how others see you?

– What tips do you have for someone who is coming to terms with themselves as a patient?

– Is there such a thing as “finding yourself”? If yes – what does it mean? If no – why not?

– How can we work together to make newly diagnosed patients feel comfortable no matter who they are?


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