Mental Health Month – Focus on Bipolar Disorder


WEGO Health recently held a Health Activist Roundtable discussion focused on the bipolar disorder community and had the chance to discuss bipolar disorder with 3 awesome Bipolar Disorder Health Activists – Carlton, Cimmerian Ink, and Julie.  They shared some very honest and important feedback based on their experiences within the community and we wanted to make sure you had a chance to hear from them as well:


“I see a lot of activity from the people who are not doing well with their bipolar.  I’d like to see more from those who are doing well and can offer support.”

“Without question, people don’t know how serious bipolar is.  It is a very serious disease and it affects every part of you when you’re sick.  The general population puts their own perception on us – that we’re lazy, or don’t get things done, or we’re stupid.  It would be great to see bipolar get the attention it deserves.”

“I’ve actually seen the myth and the expectation that people with mental illness will commit violent crime.  The media plays into this.  People are scared of those with mental illness even though we’re more likely to hurt ourselves than them.”

“There needs to be more communication between your physicians when you have bipolar, doctors that aren’t your mental health professionals. They need to understand how other medications interact with bipolar meds and what can happen.”

It can be tricky blogging about bipolar disorder.  You have to be very careful when you’re dealing with someone in crisis and interacting with them on your blog, twitter, etc.  It can be complicated to help someone when you’re ill yourself.”


You can see all of the feedback from our session in the Health Activist White Paper on Bipolar Disorder – we’ve posted it on our Facebook Page (linked to!  You can also connect with our Health Activists through their own social profiles:


Carlton and @bipolarbare


Cimmerian Ink and @CimmerianInk


Julie and @juliebipolar


Want to participate in an upcoming Health Activist Roundtable?  Sign up here: Health Activist Roundtable



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