Food Allergy Awareness Week – Health Activist Recap

Did you know that last week marked 2012’s Food Allergy Awareness Week?  To honor the week, and to help Food Allergy Health Activists to raise awareness, WEGO Health held a Health Activist Roundtable with active members of the community.  We learned a ton from these dedicated Health Activists and know you will too.

Here’s what we heard:


“There’s a lot of conversation around what we cannot eat.  It’s very much an ‘anti’ conversation.  I’d like to see more discussion about what we can do – about what a healthy diet and healthy living can do to help us with our food allergies.”

–          Sarah from and @sarahssweetlips


“I see a lot of new parents or parents of newly diagnosed children in my community.  They’re reasonably scared and anxious about what that means for them and their children.  It’s important to be there for them and to be kind to them.  They need to see that they can protect their children without being overprotective and that their kid will be okay and will lead a long life.”

–          Paul from and @allergyeats


“There needs to be more education for people who don’t have food allergies.  People don’t mean to be harmful but they can be.  People need to understand that food allergies are serious and can be fatal.”

–          Lindsay from and @happyherbivore


“Food allergies can be expensive.  There are emergency room visits, specialty foods, epi pens, etc.  There needs to be more support for lower income and minority families dealing with food allergies and more information about what can or cannot be covered.”

–          Alisa from and @godairyfree


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