The Who's Who of HAWMC

Last Friday we hosted a fast-paced interactive live chat about our Health Activists Writer’s Month. We recapped the best prompts, most challenging posts, and all of participants favorite parts. Here are the twotop take-aways from our chat about what participants liked most:


  1. The writing itself. You loved: the challenge of writing , the opportunity to be creative, the predetermined structure to write every day, and being able to look back and say – I accomplished this! We loved seeing how you interpreted the prompts, stretched yourselves as writers, and interacted with your readers.
  2. Meeting new bloggers. One of our hopes with HAWMC was that bloggers would be able to get to know new leaders online and be able to network and connect as writers. So we’re really psyched that this happened for many participants! Many people’s favorite part was being able to find new blogs to read, new bloggers to admire/read, and a way to connect in an easy way.


HAWMC is a total win-win!

Speaking of wins…

Here are our 2012 Superlatives that were announced in our chat.

Click the badge to visit the winning blogger or blog post



Thanks to everyone who participated in HAWMC and shared their work with us all month long. We encourage you to keep us in the loop when you’re doing projects in your health community by sharing on our Facebook page. It’s a great way to keep connecting with fellow Health Activists.



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