True Life Tuesday: Blog with us today

Even though we know your blogs are still recovering from #HAWMC – we just couldn’t resist a blog prompt for May. As you know, we’re talking myths, misconceptions, and stigma this month – so our blog party will center around the idea of truth.


What better way to correct myths and chip away at stigma than by sharing the truth and what’s real? So let’s have True Life Tuesday.


Inspired by the popular MTV Shows True Life and Diary – let’s share (or attempt to share) what it’s really like to live with and talk about the health conditions we (or our loved ones) live with. Start your blog post with the phrase “You think you know, but you have no idea…” Or make a list of things about your life or condition you think people should know. If someone were to document your life, condition, or health focus through the lens of reality tv or maybe a documentary – what would they see? What would surprise them? What used to but doesn’t surprise you?


Share your true life story with us and link to it on our Facebook page or event. Can’t wait to see what you unveil with your documentary-style, non-fiction, reality TV, or just blog-style portrayal! You can also join the party by sending a tweet or Facebook status (everyone on every social network is invited to join!)


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