This week's #HAchat: Mental Health and Your Community

As you may know – May is Mental Health Month. This year Mental Health America is focusing on two important issues that also relate closely to Health Activists who advocate in any and all health communities:

Do More for 1 in 4. Did you know that 1 in 4 American adults live with a diagnosable, treatable mental health condition and can go on to live full and productive lives? It’s true. Mental health conditions do not discriminate and truly affect us all (individually and those we love). Let’s talk about why mental health and illness is still so difficult to discuss and where stigma comes from.

Healing Trauma’s Invisible Wounds. Health Activists know all too well what it’s like to live with an “invisible illness” and how living with a chronic condition (visible or not) can affect our minds, spirits, relationships, and self-image. Let’s talk about what it’s like to confront the question, “What’s happened to you?” and start conversations with people to get the help we need.


So join us for a special Health Activist Tweetchat this Tuesday at 3pm EST to discuss mental health awareness, stigma related to mental illness, and how this all relates directly to your community. If you are Mental Health Activist – we’d especially like your perspective and input on how fellow Health Activists can encourage their community members to talk openly, respectfully, and helpfully about depression and other challenges that come along with chronic health conditions.


We hope to gather some thoughts, tips, and general talking points that you can bring back to your communities, Facebook groups, and blogs to start a conversation about Mental Health and… [your condition or community] this month.


Here’s a status/tweet you can share with your followers to tell them about our chat:

Join us to discuss mental health & how we can combat stigma together in our Health Activist Tweetchat Tues 3pm EST using: #HAchat


See you there!


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