Day: May 3, 2012

Coaching Session: Pinterest for Health Activists

Health Activists are great at keeping up with the latest social networks that could possibly benefit their communities – and seem to really love trying new ways to connect. We do, too! That’s why we’ve created our own WEGO Health Pinterest account with a handful of boards to collect inspiration, tips, and awareness ideas for Health Activists and our team. We also know how challenging it can be to get started – so we’ve compiled some tips for starting out on Pinterest as a Health Activist to help you make the most of this exciting new platform as an online health leader.

Here are just a few of the tips from our April Coaching Session:


  • If you create video blogs – upload them to Youtube and Pin them. Your followers can watch the videos from the Pin – without even leaving Pinterest.


  • Create a board for people in your health community that you recommend others follow. Think of it as a visual Blog Roll or a list of awesome people you admire.


  • Add hashtags to your posts – so people will be able to find them when they search.


  • Use the comment section to link to your sites where appropriate. Don’t over-self-promote but it is ok to share your work where it fits.


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"That's BS!" Health Activists Call

In line with Setting The Record Straight – we’re standing up and calling BS this month. As Health Activists, patients, caregivers, and humans – we can’t help but notice: some things are just straight-up bullsh*t.

So every Thursday on our Facebook page we’ll be calling bullsh*t on some of the issues that we find frustrating and downright unfair. When advocating, you are up against some pretty tough barriers and people (and establishments) who just don’t get it. Let’s talk about it. It’s only by confronting these things that bother us that we can begin to change them for the better.

What is something that just really gets your goat? Share with us on Facebook each Thursday – as we encourage Health Activists to Call BS.


Feel free to use That’s BS as a blog prompt, a discussion-starter in your community, or a tweet.


Tweet what you think is BS on Thursdays with us – use the hashtag #thatsBS.


A great example that Tiffany wrote earlier today is: “When advocating for lupus and health issues/concerns at medical health conferences I often find myself frustrated by the lack of patient voices involved.” Check out the whole post Tiffany’s whole post over on our Facebook wall to inspire you.


Check out our Facebook later today and every Thursday where we’ll featuring a member of the WEGO Health team calling BS on something that bothers, annoys, and frustrates them.


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