Now Live: Diabetes Mealtime Management Sharing Hub

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new Sharing Hub – Diabetes Mealtime Management – and share new content with everyone in the Diabetes Online Community.


These shareable videos, feature inspiring Health Activists, Karen Graffeo of Bittersweet Diabetes and Ronnie Gregory of The Poor Diabetic and offer topics that will interest Health Activists and patients alike. We know education is a key step toward empowerment so Karen and Ronnie and joined by knowledgeable members of the Sanofi US team, Community Manager Laura Kolodjeski and Product Director Stephanie Schibell – to discuss the latest information on the product offer. The videos provide details about the offer and a Q&A section led by Karen and Ronnie.


We hope you’ll enjoy the videos, resources, and information as much as we do!

Visit  “Diabetes Mealtime Management” here


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And – because it’s a Sharing Hub – we’ve also included a few easy ways to share the video presentation directly from the page so you can tell your followers what you think as you watch.




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