Congrats on Completing #HAWMC 2012!

Well that’s all folks! Health Activist Writer’s Month and #HAWMC are officially over. Did you make it?


We had an incredible time reading all of your posts, learning more about why you’re advocates, and seeing first-hand what makes you so empassioned each and every day. In fact, by connecting with all of you – we had a much-cherished opportunity to renew our own mission to empower Health Activists help others – and affirm so clearly why we do what we do here at WEGO Health. So thank you for that! And for being yourselves no matter the challenge. It was an amazing experience.


Even though there are no more daily challenges – we hope you’ll take a quick moment to look back at April and reflect with us. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite posts and participants in the next couple weeks here on the blog – but we want to hear from you, too. What posts did you love writing? Which prompts made you think? Which were the hardest? Which ones did you dislike? If you were to do HAWMC again in 2013 – what would you add? What would you change? Your feedback is hugely important to us especially when we go to create more programs for Health Activists (and make HAWMC 2013 even better). If you can – take this quick survey and give us your feedback – we would really appreciate it!


If you decide to write a recap of your HAWMC experience – we hope you’ll tweet it to us and share a link on our Facebook wall.


And, as promised – Here is your blog badge for completing HAWMC! (click it, then right click “Save As”) – we’ll also share this on our Facebook page if you’d like to grab it from there. If you want, you can link all your HAWMC 2012 posts to the badge so people can check out your work.



Thanks again for joining us – and don’t be a stranger. May is going to be all about Setting The Record Straight – and we need your input so we can work together to combat myths, misconceptions, and stigma all month long. Join us here on the blog, over on our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to partake in some of our mythbusting activities and awareness events!





  • While I didn’t get through all 30 posts, I LOVED participating in the ones I was able to complete.  Such fantastic ideas, WEGO.  I’m thinking this challenge was a hug success.

  • Thanks for the opportunity to be an activist for Family Medicine.  WEGO Health, You Rock!

  • Joy

    Had a lot of fun with the challenge. I got it all done except for 1 day. This was great! Thank you!!

  • Penny

    Thanks for a great month! I want to post the badge on my blog as a link, and for that I need the HTML code. Could someone please post the code, to imbed this badge, below the badge on your page? Thanks.

  • Peggy

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this great project. I learned a lot about myself in the process.  I enjoyed and greatly appreciated the prompts. 

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