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Health Activist Roundtable on Infertility – What YOU should know

WEGO Health recently held the latest in our series of Health Activist Roundtable sessions and focused on Infertility in honor of Infertility Awareness Week (April 23-29).  We brought together several Health Activist leaders from the online Infertility community and asked for their thoughts on the Infertility community, the myths associated with their community, and what they thought other Health Activists needed to know.
Here’s what we heard:


Different treatments and tactics are huge within the online Infertility community.  People are really interested in what other people are doing in terms of IUI or IVF but also with alternatives.  They really want to know what other doctors are doing.

–          Kristy, www.bumuterus.blogspot.com


I’m seeing a lot of people struggle with what to call themselves and how to identify with Infertiolity as a disease.  There’s also a big emotional struggle for those who have gotten pregnant or resolved their Infertility issues but still feel very tied to the community.

–                    Keiko, http://theinfertilityvoice.com and @KeikoZoll


There’s still a huge lack of knowledge around Infertility.  People don’t think it’s going to happen to them until it does.  And within the community itself, there can be a believe that IVF is the be all, end all of Infertility and that if they get that far, it will work but that isn’t necessarily true.

–          Michele, http://nowherenm.blogspot.com


Something that is really neglected is the emotional strain that comes with Infertility when you’re in a committed relationship.  It can put a lot of tension on your marriage or your relationship and people in the community, especially women, tend to put a brave face on that.

–          Kim, http://fertilitywars.com and @kimwithak


People are much more comfortable talking about Infertility online.  I know I am.  But we need to start having more face to face conversations and encouraging people to talk about it in person.  We need to help people become more comfortable with talking about their Infertility.

–          Lisa, www.myhopefuljourney.com/blog;  @hopeful_journey



For the full report on what we heard from Infertility Health Activists, download our Infertility White Paper now.





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