HAWMC Day 17


Learned the Hard Way. Let’s take a look back as we seek to go forward. Some of the beliefs we hold play a significant role in our lives today because we learned them the hard way. According to human nature, we will make mistakes throughout our lifetime. However, more important than the mistake itself is what we do when we realize we have stumbled. Sometimes, it is tough to address our slip-ups and move ahead. But it’s necessary in life. So for today’s prompt – what’s a lesson you learned the hard way? Write about it for 15 today.

How regularly do we, as bloggers, take the time to examine those experiences (though hard at the time) which resulted in a new outlook? Reminiscing on such events is significant because it played an important part in shaping who you are now. Your readers may wonder at times what compelled you to make certain decisions or write specific blog posts. A tough life lesson, may explain so many of your actions or at least give readers more insight into you. They have a personal bond with you and recounting profound experiences is another way for you to reach out and connect with them. If your readers were your children, what are some key lessons you would impart to them?

Was it challenging to revisit mistakes you have made? Does the lesson you learned then, help to explain some of your actions today?

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It’s not too late! And even though Health Activist Writer’s Month is underway – you can still check out the prompts to use any time you may want an idea for your blog. Click here to get for all 30 prompts.



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