HAWMC Day 12


Stream of Consciousness Day. Start with the sentence “_______”just write, don’t stop, don’t edit. Post!

Today’s post is about what’s going on in your head in this exact moment. What are you thinking/feeling/seeing/hearing? How do you feel? What’s popping into your head as you take in your surroundings? What conversations or interactions keep running through your mind?  Stream of consciousness is about not suppressing these thoughts but letting them flow onto the page, with or without punctuation, without stopping to think about whether you’d chosen the right word or phrased something the right way.

This is a test of will.  We know you care about your blog, your content, and your community, and that’s what you take so much care crafting each post.  We know it will be hard not to read over it just once, just fix that one spelling error. But getting too caught up in every word you write is a problem as well.    When you look back you can see how your mind make connections, and you also might just find that your natural writing style is a little better than you expected.

So we challenge you, start with this phrase: “Today I looked in the mirror and…” (Or another sentence you come across.) But sure to – Keep writing. Don’t stop for 15 minutes. Don’t edit. Post. Go!


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It’s not too late! And even though Health Activist Writer’s Month is underway – you can still check out the prompts to use any time you may want an idea for your blog. Click here to get for all 30 prompts.

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