Best conversation I had this week. We’re constantly communicating – and it’s easy to have a quick exchange without even realizing all of the intricacies of interacting with someone verbally. A conversation is complex! (And, sometimes it’s short, sweet, and effective.) Have you captured the essence of a conversational exchange in writing? It’s challenging! So for today’s prompt – try writing script-style (or with dialogue) to recap an awesome conversation you had this week.

As bloggers, we’re used to writing conversationally – as though we’re speaking to our audiences. But  often we get caught up that first-person or second-person style. Using dialogue and other more creative writing techniques is great because it will give your readers something different to read and will offer you some variety when you’re thinking of ways to communicate your ideas. Imagine you’re starring in a play or that you’re crafting a story with characters – dialogue is always a quick and effective way to set the scene that has the potential to add extra impact to the post you’re writing and points you’re trying to express.

How did you approach writing dialogue? Did it help you get to the heart of your conversation or did it add an additional challenge?

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