I write about (my) health because… As writers, we all have unique styles, motivations and stories to tell. But hidden behind those is the question of “why?” Why do you write about health? A topic often criticized both for being, conversely, under-discussed and over-shared about.

Think back to when you made the decision to disclose your health story (or your passion for health topics) online. What was your motivation at the time? Had you always kept journals and found blogging to be a natural progression? Were your initial blogs kept personal or did you immediately share these with your friends, family members, and the world?

Fast-forward back to today. Is your motivation for writing still the same as is was when you began? How has the ability to read and share others’ personal health stories online inspired your own writing? Does writing about (your) health provide you with something that you are not able to find elsewhere?

Take some time today to reflect on why you write about (your) health. Reaffirm your mission and celebrate your successes as a health writer. If you need a little push, begin with “I write because…” and go from there.

Why do you write?

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