Day: April 1, 2012


It’s Health Activist Writer’s Month and the very first day of our Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge (HAWMC)! Without further ado here is our first prompt of the challenge…




Health Time Capsule.

Remember your first trip to a history museum and peering into the glass cases of the ancient Egyptian artifacts? Simply seeing those artifacts helped bring the stories to life. It is incredible to see how people lived before us. Even seeing objects in an attic from several decades ago can inspire you to imagine the stories of the people who owned them.

Every life has a story. But often the most well-preserved stories are those accompanied by physical objects and visuals. In this year’s kick-off to HAWMC, create a time capsule of your stories, your life. Will your time capsule be a physical box or a collection of writing or visuals compiled in a digital format? Where would you hide your time capsule? What is inside your capsule (memorable objects, photos, advice), and what stories do the contents tell? Who do you hope will one day find your stories and what do you image they will think? Will your stories ever be on display or will they have a different purpose?

Our lives are comprised of endless chapters. If you take a moment to think about how everything you do, say, and create highlights those chapters – it’s an incredible way to embody yourself and your life story. We are complex – but thinking about what represents us can be an interesting way to share ourselves with others.

Be creative, be imaginative, and be real.

In writing today’s post, did you learn anything new about how your stories intertwine? Did reflecting on these stories make you feel a certain way?


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It’s not too late! And even though Health Activist Writer’s Month is underway – you can still check out the prompts to use any time you may want an idea for your blog. Click here to get for all 30 prompts.


April is Health Activist Writer's Month & HAWMC!

It’s the first day of April which means here at WEGO Health it is Health Activist Writer’s Month – a month dedicated to the art of writing… about health. Whether you’re a patient, parent, caregiver, healthcare provider, or a combination — you have a unique perspective that you bring to your online community. The patient-to-patient experience is, we believe, already changing healthcare and, as we work together to communicate about how we do that – we grow as a group of Health Activists.


No matter if you’ve just begun to write about your condition or health focus or if you’re a seasoned veteran of the blog – we’ve got a lot to discuss this month. We’ll delve into storytelling and how to do it well. We’ll look at other kinds (articles, journalistic pieces, and informative research-based forms) of writing and how to incorporate different styles when talking about health. Our Health Activist Tweetchats will look at these topics and hopefully encourage some great tips to share with each other across conditions.


As you may know – April 1st also kicks off our Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge (HAWMC – we pronounce it “ha-mick,” FYI) – our month-long 30 posts, 30 days writing workshops for anyone interested in health. The excitement has been building for the last few weeks and we’re thrilled to finally begin interacting with all of the amazing people who signed up to join HAWMC this year. Here at WEGO Health we look forward to interacting with familiar faces and being introduced to new Health Activist writers through our daily prompts. We hope you’ll enjoy yourselves and get to know yourself as a writer and as a member of the greater online health community.


Just a few notes about the challenge:

  • We will be posting a detailed description of the daily prompt here on the WEGO Health Blog every morning – so be sure to check here for more ideas about how you can interpret the prompt of the day. Remember – the prompts are just suggestions – interpret them however you like!
  • Share your posts! Head over to our Facebook page and share a link to your blog post. Tell us what you thought of the prompt. We’ll be tweeting your links so be sure to interact with all HAWMC participants on Twitter using the #HAWMC hashtag.
  • Consider HAWMC an online writing workshop – connect with fellow Health Activist writers, read their posts, tell them what you think! This is a collaborative, creative evironment – take advantage of the opportunity to make new connections and be inspired by others.
  • You have 2 “Get Out Of Post Free” days – use wisely!
  • We will be sending weekly emails to all HAWMC participants on Sunday to help you get ready for the week. The emails will have quick reminders about the prompts that are coming up as well as some ideas to consider.
  • It’s not too late to get a friend to join us! It’s easy to catch up and jump in – so if you know someone who may want to join us (or if someone asks you as they read your posts) – the more the merrier. Just have your friend or community member sign up here: and we’ll send him/her all 30 prompts!
  • We have a Pinterest board just for Health Activist Writer’s Month – so we encourage you to share your posts there and check out the pins for resources on how to write great posts. You can also use our Pinterest board to share your post for Monday April 16th!

Have fun, be creative, tell your story, try new things, interact with each other, discover more about yourself as a writer.


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Looking forward to writing with you this month!

(Click here to check out the HAWMC Day 1 prompt…)

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