Announcing the HAAwards Winners: Jenni Schaeffer

Jenni Schaeffer is the winner of our 2011 Health Activist Award for TMI (Too Much Information). Dedicated to telling the whole story no matter how personal or revealing, Jenni is helping others in the Crohn’s Disease community. Her blog received high praise from our Health Activist Award Judges and we’re really looking forward to seeing how Jenni continues her advocacy in 2012. Let’s learn more about what she’s up to…

How/why did you become a Health Activist?  Tell us your Health Activist story!

I wanted to blog about my journey with Crohn’s Disease.  I wanted to raise awareness and help others with the same condition.  I wanted to not feel so alone and help others realize they aren’t alone either.

What are your goals for Health Activism in 2012?

I would like to share more information via my blog.  Continue sharing my struggles and help people laugh.  I want to help Crohn’s disease be as well known as AIDS or Cancer.  I also want to share more information on medicines and what works and what doesn’t.

What awareness event or effort are you most excited about in your condition?

Team Challenge – ½ marathon to raise money for the CCFA.

If you could tell other Health Activists a few things about your condition and your community, what would you want them to know?

Crohnies poop.  A lot.  We have urgency issues, pain issues and feelings of being alone and secluded by our disease.  Every one of us is affected differently by the same disease.  Some have had surgery and others haven’t.  Some are on medications that work that don’t work as well for others.  Crohn’s is not a one size fits all disease and just because we poop doesn’t mean our disease needs to be kept in the bathroom.  And never misuse toilet paper…it’s gold to us!


Congratulations again to Jenni! If you don’t yet, you simply must check out her bold, award-winning blog Jenni’s Guts, add her on Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter @jennisguts.




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