March: Health Activists & Healthcare Professionals Month

As Health Activists, our focus is helping engage, educate, and connect patients — and discuss how we’re using the internet to become better at caring for ourselves. This month we’re going to focus on another aspect of the healthcare realm – healthcare professionals. How are people working in the healthcare industry utilizing social media? And how can we work with them to improve healthcare overall? I believe Health Activists have the potential to be healthcare professionals best allies in implementing change and helping patients overall – so let’s aim high and go for it!


Join us in discussing how to better incorporate our Health Activism into our actual care, speaking with our doctors as empowered patients (and helping fellow patients do the same, as Health Activists) and highlight how doctors and other HC pros are using social media – and how they should be.


There’s a lot to discuss – but we’re really excited to hear what you have to say on this topic. We’ll also be gearing all our #HAchats around this topic – so you won’t want to miss those (every Tuesday at 3pm ET!) and continue featuring Health Activists that you should get to know.


What do you think is the most important topic to discuss when it comes to Health Activists and Healthcare Professionals?



  • I think it is important to use social media as a tool to assist physicians in reducing their workload and to give them the chance to empower themselves by utilizing the power of the internet to inform and impact others. I spend every day trying to inform and empower the consumers by providing vital information and symptoms and treatment of mental health related issues. In addition I provide information about the process of getting care and where to turn so physicians offices and practice managers are not bogged down with questions about what care is available and how to get it. Inform the consumer, educate the consumer, reduce the workload on physicians and care providers.

  • As a patient with the genetic disease CADASIL, I am always looking for ways to be more pro-active in my care and those of others with this condition. I am not on Twitter. Are there other ways to participate in the discussion?

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