February Coaching Session: How to Improve Interaction with Your Community

February was all about Matchmaking for Health Activists – connecting you to your community members, fellow online health leaders, and even healthcare professionals (which will be our focus in March). We gathered so many great tips from you throughout the month that are helpful for creating deeper connections with members and utilizing your talents.


Here is just one of tips from our Coaching Session:



Work on your interactions every day.

Here’s are easy ways to do that:

  • Post a daily question to your members. It can be serious or fun.
  • Share a fill in the blank prompt to encourage conversation.
  • Use hashtags on Twitter to help connect to those looking for community.
  • Stay aware of trends – share them.
  • Make a Twitter list – connect with these people one-on-one.
  • If you feel out of the loop – ask someone what’s new or for a story.
  • See what others are reading, sharing, or discussing.
  • Look outside your condition for ideas.





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