Meet the HAAwards Finalists: Christie Germans

I’d like to introduce you to Hilarious Health Activist Finalist and MS Health Activist – Christie Germans! Christie blogs over at The Lesion Journals and brings humor along with her glimpse into life with Multiple Sclerosis. She balances lighter content with educational posts and resources for those in her community. It’s clear that she enlightens her followers simultaneously through her own courage and sense of humor (check out her video on Staying Positive With MS – hint: Christie’s answer is laughter). In true Health Activist spirit, Christie brings honesty and dedication to “explor[ing] what it means to live with this neurological disease” right alongside some really helpful factual information (check out the comprehensive navigation bar on her blog). We’ve enjoyed getting to know Christie and hope you will too. Now, let’s hear more about her in her own words…


How/why did you become a Health Activist? Tell us your Health Activist story!

I really became a Health Activist by accident. It was not my intention. Once I developed my MS symptoms, I began writing about it and I have found writing about it to be very cathartic. Turns out, it helps others too. The rest is history. I joined a variety of support groups, including the fabulous WEGO Health team, and participate in different types of projects including blog radio, magazine work and panels.


What are your goals for 2012? Anything you’re really looking forward to?

My goals for 2012 include the continuation of journaling my experiences on my blog and to start adventuring with video and photography as another form of expression and another way to communicate what living with MS is like.


Be sure to follow Christie’s work (if you don’t already) and “meet” her through the web on The Lesion Journals, her Twitter, and her video on



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