Today's #HAchat: Matchmaking In Your Health Community

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Health Activists wear a lot of proverbial hats – today let’s look at the host/hostess hat.

If you think of your blog or site as a the location of a party you’re throwing, and all of your readers or members as guests – you’re in the host/hostess seat. This means you have a few different jobs to juggle at once: preparing the environment (hide your valuables – or display something you’re proud of), welcoming guests as they arrive, making sure you introduce people to each other, encouraging people to make themselves comfortable, offering some refreshments (in the form of media entertainment?), and generally ensuring that everyone has a really great time.


Today let’s discuss how to go about doing that. How do you host your online community’s health party? How do you go about making connections among your guests and encouraging new relationships amongst attendees?


Join us at 3pm ET today for our #HAchat on Matchmaking in Your Health Community.

We’ll chat about:

– What makes an awesome online community.

– How Health Activists (bloggers, Twitterers, Facebookers, etc) can turn their community into an enjoyable party.

– How to play Matchmaker with those you meet online.

– Challenges you face as a “host/hostess” and health community manager.

– Tips we can all use to improve our online interaction.

– And more!


Here’s a link to the Chat room: – looking forward to chatting with you!



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