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The Health Activist Awards – All Finalists

Hilarious Health Activist
You swear you’re at a comedy show.  This Health Activist brings the funny with the advocacy.


Christie Germans – The Lesion Journals

Chato Stewart – Mental Health Humor

Rick Green – Totally ADD

Jaquie Wojcik – Bad Pancreas

Jenny – The Bloggess

Jackie Zimmerman – Blood, Poop, & Tears

Doug Ankerman – My Odd Sock

Paperboy Award
The Health Activist who always brings you the latest and greatest news and research.


Amy Tenderich – Diabetes Mine

Mark Stecker – Wheelchair Kamikaze

Brigid Laurito – My Rheumatoid Arthritis Journey

Rookie of the Year The Health Activist who came on the scene in 2011 but has inspired the entire community.

Erika Hanson Brown – Colontown

Kim Vlasnik – You Can Do This Project

Sara – A Girl With Guts

Cookie Hopper – The Faces of Ankylosing Spondylitis


Health Activist Hero Award
Who has changed your life? There are some people who can change your entire outlook on life just with their story, their dedication, their words, and their encouragement. Who is your Health Activist Hero? Who would you like to thank and why? This award is an emotional one but will yield some incredible camaraderie.


Kelly Wahle – Fly With Hope

Jason Leitman – Crohn’s Disease Support Network

Max Szadek – Divabetic

Ellen Schnakenberg – Migraine.com

Christine Miserandino – But You Don’t Look Sick

Patty Hagler-Verdugo – Dr. Patty

Laura (Collins) Lyster-Mensh – F.E.A.S.T (Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders

Best Affirmation Post

The best single post that explains, outlines, or affirms the Health Activist mission.


Wil Dubois – I love you guys (and maybe the girls a little bit more” | LifeAfterDx–CGM Chronicles

Christine Miserandino – The Spoon Theory” | But You Don’t Look Sick

Timothy Ringgold – A New Day +1?” | Bella’s Blessings

Kymberli Barney – The Truth About Trying” | The Smartness”

Advocating for Another Award
Award the dedication of someone who raises awareness for the condition of someone they love.


Penny Williams – A Mom’s View of ADHD

Andrea Hardaway – Voice Matters

Laura (Collins) Lyster-Mensh – Laura’s Soapbox

Alexis Nicole Newell – The Chronicles of D-Boy and Ribbon

Scott Benner – Arden’s Day


Best in Show: Blog
This Health Activist dominates the blog platform and is a great model for taking it to the next level.


Kerri Sparling – Six Until Me

Maisie McInerney- Lyme Chick

Jenna Dye Visscher – The Feeding Edge

Pandora – Serial Insomniac

Natasha Tracy – Bipolar Burble | Natasha Tracy Online

Best in Show: Community
This Health Activist dominates a community or forum platform and is a great model for taking it to the next level.


Jason Leitman – Crohn’s Disease and My Experience

Max Szadek – Divabetic

Jeffrey Roberts – IBS Group

Jenni Prokopy – ChronicBabe

Paul Gileno – US Pain Foundation

Best in Show: Facebook
This Health Activist dominates the Facebook platform and is a great model for taking it to the next level.


Jeffrey Roberts – IBS Self Help Group on Facebook

Katie Brown – LUNGevity Foundation on Facebook

Niki Wyre – RA Chicks on Facebook

Best in Show: Twitter
This Health Activist dominates the Twitter platform and is a great model for taking it to the next level.


Nate Osit – @NateOsit

Cherise Shockley – #DSMA and @Diabetic_Iz_Me

Jason Leitman – @CrohnsDiseaseSN

Best Kept Secret Award
Who is a hidden gem of the Health Activist world?


Selena MKI – Oh My Aches and Pains

Rick Pescatore- Little White Coats

Lee Horbachewski – SimpLee Serene

Heidi Skiba – Ostomy Outdoors

Offline Crusader Award
This Health Activist did amazing things offline this year. Tell us about your favorite.


Regina Holliday – Walking Gallery 2010 | Regina Holliday’s Medical Advocacy Blog

Erin Smith – NYC Celiac Disease Meetup Group | Gluten-Free Fun

Jennifer Pettit – Disability Mentoring Day and UII Events | MY UII Blog

MJ Train & Michelle Litchman – Diabetes Mixer | Sweet Advice

TMI Award This Health Activist always goes there – no matter how personal or embarassing the story.


Mo- Mommy Odyssey

Jacquie Wojcik – Bad Pancreas

Sara – A Girl With Guts

Jenni Schaeffer – Jenni’s Guts

Brynn Hultquist – Lupus Interrupted

Wendy Holcombe – Picnic With Ants

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