Announcing the Winners of the 2011 Health Activist Awards

The results are in and winners have been announced in yesterday’s live Awards Ceremony. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, selected as a finalist, and won. And thank you to everyone who attended our fast-paced live Twitter chat event. It was a huge success and a lot of fun. It had all of excitement of an Awards show complete with hilarious commentary by attendees and lightning-fast tweets from my fellow WEGO Health team presenters. What was my favorite part? The way everyone supported each other and cheered each other on. In fact, Twitter is still buzzing with congratulatory tweets. This sort of fervor and positively is a huge indicator to why Health Activists are such a different, inspiring bunch.


I hope that this is merely the beginning of a great year full of Health Activists meeting each other (across conditions, in new health communities) and banding together to support the great work of fellow online health leaders. We can’t wait to continue to celebrate your efforts and look forward to the 2012 Awards later this year. If you haven’t yet – tell us what you thought of the Awards in this quick 4 question poll.


Now, I’m excited to present the official winners who will each receive the honor of being a Health Activist Award Winner and receive a Health Activist-centered prize pack. Keep in mind that you’ll be hearing a lot more about these folks in 2012 here on the blog and around the web. Be sure to check out the accompanying video presentation announcing their win!

Health Activist Award Winners 2011


Rookie of the Year

Erika Hanson Brown for Colontown


Paperboy Award

Amy Tenderich for Diabetes Mine


Best in Show: Facebook

Niki Wyre for RA Chicks


Best Affirmation Post

Christine Miserandino for”The Spoon Theory” on But You Don’t Look Sick


Hilarious Health Activist Award

Jenny for The Bloggess


Best in Show: Blog

Kerri Sparling for SixUntilMe


Advocating for Another Award

Scott Benner for Arden’s Day


Best Kept Secret

Heidi Skiba for Ostomy Outdoors


Best in Show: Community

Jenni Prokopy for ChronicBabe


TMI Award

Jenni Schaeffer of Jenni’s Guts


Offline Crusader Award

Regina Holliday for “Walking Gallergy 2010”


Best in Show: Twitter

Nate Osit for @NateOsit


Health Activist Hero Award

Jason Leitman for Crohn’s Disease Support Network



Congratulations to everyone!

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