Announcing Health Activist Award Finalists: Offline Crusader

Before we announce the winners – we want to announce who made the cut and were selected as Finalists for each award.


Let’s look at the Offline Crusader Finalists. One of these will be the winner – but all are incredible Health Activists that you should know.






Offline Crusader Award
This Health Activist did amazing things offline this year. Tell us about your favorite.


Regina Holliday – Walking Gallery 2010 | Regina Holliday’s Medical Advocacy Blog

Erin Smith – NYC Celiac Disease Meetup Group | Gluten-Free Fun

Jennifer Pettit – Disability Mentoring Day and UII Events | MY UII Blog

MJ Train & Michelle Litchman – Diabetes Mixer | Sweet Advice

Congrats, Finalists – you bring the passion of online health advocacy offline, expanding your efforts and awareness for your communities.


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