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Announcing Health Activist Award Finalists: Best Kept Secret

Before we announce the winners – we want to announce who made the cut and were selected as Finalists for each award.


Let’s look at all the Best Kept Secret Finalists. One of these will be the winner – but all are incredible Health Activists that you should know!



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Best Kept Secret Award
Who is a hidden gem of the Health Activist world?


Selena MKI – Oh My Aches and Pains

Rick Pescatore- Little White Coats

Lee Horbachewski – SimpLee Serene

Heidi Skiba – Ostomy Outdoors

Rudy Sims – @disability

Regina Townsend – The Brown Egg

Congrats, Finalists – people think you’re doing amazing things and that now’s your chance to shine as the awesome leaders you are!


  • Liz

    Congrats to all the finalists. 🙂 

  • Rick

    Thanks!! I’m stuck in a neuro exam during the announcement, but best of luck to all!

  • I am beyond touched and humbled in this moment. Thank you so much. Good luck to everyone and congrats to all nominees and finalists xox

  • Wow–I just had a chance to check out all the other blogs. Absolutely amazing. Definitely honored to be held in the same category!

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  • Lana

    Congratulations to all the finalists!!  I am a little bias though and would love to see SimpLee Serene win the award!   All the finalists are amazing!

  • I am overwhelmed with doctors’ appointment this week, so excuse my tardy response…

    I am so honored to be a finalist and I see that I am in some pretty awesome company here.  Congratulations to the winner Heidi.  


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