Announcing Health Activist Award Finalists: Best Affirmation Post

Before we announce the winners – we want to announce who made the cut and were selected as Finalists for each Health Activist Award.   Let’s look at the Best Affirmation Post Award Finalists. One of these will be the winner – but all are incredible posts by Health Activists that you should read.


Best Affirmation Post

The best single post that explains, outlines, or affirms the Health Activist mission.


Wil Dubois – I love you guys (and maybe the girls a little bit more” | LifeAfterDx–CGM Chronicles

Christine Miserandino – The Spoon Theory” | But You Don’t Look Sick

Timothy Ringgold – A New Day +1?” | Bella’s Blessings

Kymberli Barney – The Truth About Trying” | The Smartness”

Congrats, Finalists – your posts (and blogs in general) are great – and you really inspire people to become leaders, too.

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