Featured Health Activists for January

Each month, in our community newsletter we feature Health Activists who amazing things for their health communities that we think you should get to know. We love meeting new people and know how important it is for Health Activists to connect across health conditions and interests so we can work together and support better healthcare overall.

So let’s look at this month’s Health Activists!



Selena is a wonderful Health Activist who is active in numerous different health condition communities. She blogs, vlogs, writes articles, and you can find her all around the web inspiring others as a brave leukemia cancer survivor and living with Hepatitis C, diabetes, fibro, and other chronic illnesses. SelenaMKI’s dedication to her community is clear and we can’t wait to see all her great accomplishments in 2012.

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Niki is a Health Activist role model dedicated to the Rheumatoid Arthritis community. She leads the community “RA Chicks” and helps others navigate living with Autoimmune Arthritis. Her community’s motto is “RA Chicks Never Give Up” and it’s clear that Niki is doing amazing things for fellow RA patients and community members. She’s dedicated to providing a variety of great resources and support. We’re so glad to have seen her work and gotten to know her through Health Activist Award nominations and look forward to more awesome things this year!

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The Positive Pear

The Positive Pear is dedicated to holistic health and healthy living.

As someone who lives with AS, Fibromyalgia and CFIDS and advocates for invisible illness (and chronic happiness!), The Positive Pear has a integrated approach to sharing health living tips and raising awareness for alternative types of care. Another Health Activist we got the opportunity to meet through the Health Activist Awards, The Positive Pear lives up to their name and brings positivity along with facts and support. Thanks for being so inspirational! We are looking forward to learning more about what you do and your community in 2012!

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Stay tuned for our Featured Health Activists every month and get to know more online health leaders with us!


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