Day: January 4, 2012

Our Year in Health Activism: Look Ahead at 2012

At WEGO Health, we really love (and benefit from having) our Editorial Calendar complete with monthly themes to focus on and center our efforts around. It keeps us on target as an company and helps integrate all of the many ideas we have in an organized way. Last year, we chose a theme for each and every month of 2011 and worked to highlight things every week that fit into the theme. We featured interviews, hosted great webinars, and shared resources to help you and your communities. And, well, we want to do even more of these great things in 2012!


This is why we’ve set up a brand new 2012 Editorial Calendar complete with Health Activist themes to delve into every month. We’d love for you to join us by sharing what you’re working on and telling us how we can help you.

Let’s take a peek at the monthly themes for 2012:

January: Goal Setting, 2012 in Health Activism

February: Health Activist Matchmaking Month (Connecting health leaders & new introductions!)

March: Health Activism & Healthcare Professionals (What can we learn from each other?)

April: Health Activist Writer’s Month (HAWMC) and Health Activist Storytelling

May: Fact vs. Fiction Month (Addressing misconceptions and myths about your health condition and the conditions of tothers)

June: Health Technology Month

July: Health Activism IRL Month  (Bringing Online Activism Offline)

August: Advocating for Another Month (Celebrating Caregiver and Parent Health Activists)

September: Health Activist Inspiration & Affirmation Month

October: Health Activist Challenges (Burnout, Struggles, and Obstacles)

November: National Health Blog Posting Month (NHBPM)

December: Health Activist Pride & Awards Month!

There we have it – a whole year of plans. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover but can’t wait to dig in and start talking about these important topics with you.

In fact, we’d love your thoughts on how we can make the most of each theme and highlight Health Activists all year long. What would you like to see? Any ideas to share with us for a certain month? We’d love to set up interviews, guest posts, features, and events with you! Since we’re starting early – there’s no idea too wacky or too huge. If you have an Editorial Calendar, what do you have planned for 2012? If you don’t, what is your strategy for keeping the content flowing?




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