That's all folks! Health Activist Awards Nominations are Closed

Thank you all so much for your support and excitement during the month of December. You made the first ever Health Activist Awards a huge success and helped make so many online health leaders feel great about their work and hopefully motivated to do more amazing things in 2012.

Just a quick note that the nomination period is now officially over and the judging period has begun. We will be setting up judging panels with our Health Activist judges, WEGO Health team members, and industry leaders who will put their heads together and select the winners from all the incredible nominations we received. It’s a tough job but we’re really excited about it!


If you haven’t yet – feel free to share the nominations you wrote and received with your community – the ones we’ve seen have been so inspiring and you really do deserve it. The kind words your community members have said about you are perfect to file away and keep handy for those burnout days or days you need a pick-me-up with your blog or community.


We will still be sharing nominations – so be on the lookout! And we’ll be starting our 2012 off with a whole bunch of goal-setting and editorial planning and hope you’ll join us in looking ahead for, what we hope will be an even bigger and better year in Health Activism! Thanks for all you do and for your contributions to the Health Activist Awards – winners will be announced January 31st at 3pm ET in our #HAchat so stay tuned 🙂





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