Last Chance to Nominate Someone for a 2011 Health Activist Award!

December is almost over – that means our Health Activist Award nomination period is about to come to a close. Have you nominated your favorite online health leader, blogger, advocate, and social media power user yet?


There’s still time! Recognize someone who has inspired you today.


Here’s a list of all the Awards so you can nominate as many people as you like:


Rookie of the Year 2011


Best in Show 2011

The Health Activist who came on the scene in 2011 but has inspired the entire community.  Nominate! This Health Activist dominates a particular platform and is a great model for taking it to the next level.  Nominate!

Paperboy Award 2011 


Health Activist Hero 2011

The Health Activist who always brings you the latest and greatest news and research. Nominate! Who has changed your life?  Recognize the Health Activist who has made a significant impact on you.  Nominate!

Advocating for Another 2011
(Best Parent or Caregiver)


TMI Award 2011 (Too Much Information!) 

Award the dedication of someone who raises awareness for the condition of someone they love.  Nominate! This Health Activist always goes there – no matter how personal or embarassing the story.  Nominate!

Hilarious Health Activist 2011


Offline Crusader 2011

You swear you’re at a comedy show.  This Health Activist brings the funny with the advocacy. Nominate! This Health Activist did amazing things offline this year.  Tell us about your favorite.  Nominate!

Best Affirmation Post 2011 

Best Kept Secret 2011
Recognize the best single post that explains, outlines, or affirms the Health Activist mission. Nominate! Help us find the hidden gem of the Health Activist world – and share them. Nominate!


And – here’s what winners will get: an exclusive Prize Pack especially for Health Activists.

Each Health Activist Award Winner will receive the following:

  • Official Health Activist Business Cards
  • An official Health Activist Awards 2011 Badge – to post on your blog or community
  • One Health Activist Tutorial of their choosing (1 hour with a WEGO Health Specialist) + An individual design consultation with our Graphic Designers (1-2 hours)
  • A feature on the WEGO Health Blog and in our monthly newsletter

And – as a winner of a Health Activist Award, you’ll also be a VIP go-to for us to test new projects, programs, and events. Consider yourself in-the-know and one of the elite. We’ll ask you first and give you opportunities before everyone else in 2012!


For more information, check out our complete contest rules and Health Activist Awards FAQ Page.


Share the awards with your community and encourage them to celebrate their favorite health communities and Health Activists too!

We’ll be choosing winners in early January 2012.



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