Health Activist Awards: Health Activist Hero 2011

Online health communities honestly change people’s lives. Health Activists are inspirational – but they truly are heroes to their community members. This is a very special Health Activist Award.



Who has changed your life? There are some people who can truly change your entire outlook on life just with their story, their dedication, their words, and their encouragement. Who is your Health Activist Hero? Who would you like to thank and why? For so many Health Activists, impacting the life of just one reader is worth more than 1,000s of page views. This award is an emotional one but will yield some incredible stories.

Do you know a Health Activist who has changed your life, your condition, or your Health Activism?  Thank them by recognizing them as a Health Activist Hero!

Nominate someone for the Health Activist Hero Award→


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Nominate someone who has changed your life for the Health Activist Hero Award: #HAAwards


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