New Resources for the Joint Pain Community!

We love bringing great new resources to Health Activists and members of the online health community. It is our hope that, by sharing information and resources, we can all encourage patients to lead healthier, more empowered lives. This is why we’re looking forward to sharing these new videos, links, and pages about joint health with you.


You may have seen our Joint Pain Channel over on that showcases outstanding videos with Health Activists in the Joint Pain Community. We created the channel because we know that education is the first step to being an empowered patient. This is why we’ve added brand new resources to the page to offer even more great information for the Joint Pain Community. The resources include a program that will help patients better understand their joint fitness level through screening. And videos that also provide education and exercises to help patients actively participate in their own joint care.


These new sponsored resources touch upon Self Joint Health Home Screening so patients can assess their own individual joint health. Other resources show detailed exercises for you to try and determine your own personal fitness level. Another featured resource focuses on the ORTHOVISC brand 5 Minute Knee Health Workout that will help people who experience knee pain to strengthen their knees and proactively reduce pain and improve their overall knee health.


Visit the Joint Pain Channel to check it out!


For more information, check out the Orthovisc page on Facebook.


We’re looking forward to hearing what you and your community members think of these new resources and what else you’d like us to add to the Joint Pain Channel!


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  1. Introducing these resources is a new & good initiative. Hope, these will be very effective & must be herbal, as herbal products have no side effects on health.

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