Health Activist Awards: Best in Show 2011

There are plenty of places around the web to be a Health Activist leader. The variety of platforms is great because it allows everyone to find their niche and excel in what they are passionate about in a way that suits their style. The Best in Show Award recognizes the leaders who embody individual uses of certain platforms and truly shine.



Who do you know that is amazing at one platform or network in particular? These Health Activists made a real splash on one specific platform  in 2011, serving as a leader amongst all users of that medium. This person truly wrote the book about that platform simply through their actions, their progress, and their ability to get everyone involved. They modeled excellence despite any possible platform restrictions to creatively lead their community.

We’ll award one Best in Show 2011 for each of these platforms:

  • Twitter use/Twitter Chat
  • Facebook page or presence
  • Blog
  • Community/Forum

Nominate the Health Activist who blows you away with their skills on a particular platform. Then nominate someone else who dominates another platform!


Nominate someone for Best in Show→


Share this award with your community to encourage folks to nominate their favorites (copy/paste for Twitter, Facebook, G+, etc):

Nominate your favorite Health Activist for the Best in Show Award: #HAAwards


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