Health Activist Awards: Best Affirmation Post 2011

Why do people advocate for health conditions, lead communities, share their experiences, and raise awareness? It’s an inner passion that is sometimes challenging to put in to words. Have you read a post written by a Health Activist that really explained their mission perfectly? Let’s commemorate that individual post as an awesome salute to health communities and a testament to Health Activism!


This award goes to the best singular blog post that explains the difficult topic, “Why I do this.” The post delves into why the author is a Health Activist and what keeps them motivated. In fact, if you printed out this particular blog post and gave it to every Health Activist – everyone would be inspired by the writing, the storytelling, and the content. But every Health Activist wouldalso relate – because the post captures exactly why we’re all here.

Did you read a post this year that inspired you to new levels of Health Activism or best encapsulated your mission?  Share it with us for this award!

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