Health Activist Awards: Best Kept Secret 2011

One of the most important things about these Health Activist Awards is that we recognize awesome leaders who haven’t necessarily gotten all the recognition they deserve – but are still incredibly inspirational and great at what they do. Who is your favorite Health Activist who deserves accolades?

They may fly under the radar, but this Health Activist is a star. They aren’t featured on every top 10 list on the web, or overflowing with followers, “friends,” and audience members. But theyshould be. They are an amazing example of what a Health Activist is. They are an expert communicator, leader, and have so many of the qualities we admire. Who do you love to read and wish could you be friends with? This is their time to shine. When someone’s this great – you want everyone to know.

Help us find the unsung heroes of your community – and sing their praises!

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Nominate your favorite Health Activist star who flies under the radar for the Best Kept Secret 2011 Award: #HAAwards


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