Health Activist Awards: Advocating for Another 2011

Many Health Activists are patients – but there is a special group of Health Activists who share their experiences, knowledge, and raise awareness for a health condition that their loved one has. These parent or caregivers are amazing leaders too – let’s recognize their work!


Best Caregiver or Parent Health Activist – This Health Activist has unwavering dedication to a health cause, a blog, a community page, or site that raises awareness for a condition that their loved one has. They may be a caregiver or parent – but their unique approach makes them a huge leader in their community. They influence patients and other community members alike. They remind us all that – if you put your heart into something, you can truly make a difference.

Nominate the Health Activist you know who spends their time Advocating for Another. Whether that’s their child, parent, spouse, or someone else entirely!  (You can even nominate your own caregiver.)

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Nominate your favorite parent or caregiver Health Activist for the Advocating for Another Award: #HAAwards

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