Health Activist Awards: TMI Award 2011

One of our Health Activist Awards is TMI Award 2011. Being upfront, honest, and sometimes blatantly oversharing can take a health blog from good to great. It’s exciting to read and, even better, really helps people confront some personal albeit uncomfortable aspects of living with a health condition. Let’s reward a Health Activist who is always willing to go there for the sake of their community.



They said what?! This Health Activist goes there. No matter how embarrassing, painful, awkward, uncomfortable, or silly their stories  may be – you can expect this Health Activist to give you all of the details (and more). Their confessions have entertained you, opened your eyes, or taught you something. They are doing a huge service for the community by being so frank and honest – and helped so many say, “I can relate to that!” and be more open with themselves about their condition, their care, and more.

This is a chance to recognize the Health Activists you know who aren’t afraid to share every embarassing detail.  Thank them with a nomination!

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