Health Activist Awards: Paperboy Award 2011

One of our Health Activist Awards is Paperboy Award 2011. An important part of being an online health leader is delivering not only the best information but the latest news and putting your insider spin on it to make it accessible to readers. This award is catered to the sort of Health Activist you can count on to give you the news in the best way possible.



Who do you think should be rewarded for their journalistic excellence?

Extra, Extra read all about it! Because this Health Activist sure does. When you visit this person’s community, you know to always expect some high-quality content that is both on-the-mark and timely. They take a journalistic approach to their leadership, bringing the latest news in their condition, healthcare, research, science, and technology to everyone they influence. Their sources are trustworthy, their content is easy-to-understand, and their impact is invaluable.

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