Health Activist Awards: Rookie of the Year 2011

One of our Health Activist Awards is Rookie of the Year 2011. Since one of our goals with the Health Activist Awards is to recognize a range of online health leaders – including those who just started their Health Activist journeys – this award is an especially exciting one.



Think back to 2011. Who would you say is Health Activist Rookie of the Year?


This Health Activist may have just come on the scene in 2011, but their work, dedication, and accomplishments made a real difference. They are someone to watch in 2012, if only because they clearly are going to do even more incredible things. A leader among leaders, this Rookie has a ton to show us all about being an awesome advocate.


Do you know a Health Activist who just signed up for twitter, just launched their blog, or just started their awareness efforts?  Let us know what’s special about this newcomer and why you’re excited to see what they do in 2012.


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Nominate your favorite new online health leader to win the Health Activist Rookie of the Year 2011 Award: #HAAwards

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