You Can Pick the Health Activist Awards Winners!

We’re so excited about the Health Activist Awards that we want to get the community involved in every way possible! That means – in addition to recognizing Health Activists for their great work in 2011 – we want to share the responsibility (and excitement!) of chosing the final winners with you.


It’s no secret that Awards can turn into popularity contests. Health Activists are all awesome in no matter how established or “influential” they are – we want to celebrate everyone! What better way to select winners of the Health Activist Awards than by a panel of judges who are Health Activists themselves?


We’re creating a Health Activist Awards Judging Panel to help us decide who wins.


When nominations have closed (December 31, 2011) we’ll pull all the nominations together and pick winners for each Award with the help of a select Health Activist Judging Panel. Each Health Activist judge will join a WEGO Health team member in combing through all the awesome nominations and selecting winners and honorable mentions for the Award they are judging. It’s a great way to celebrate and share in Health Activism together (and it’s going to be a ton of fun)!


Want to join us and help award the first ever Health Activist Awards?

Apply for our panel here!



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