Sharing The Health Activist Award Nominations

Now that the Health Activist Awards are live and your nominations are starting to roll in – commemorating the excellent work that your favorite Health Activists have done all over the web in 2011 – we simply must share what you are saying! Even though we won’t be picking the winners (and Honorable Mentions) until January – we don’t want to keep these amazing nominations to ourselves.


This is some powerful stuff! As you nominate your favorites from Facebook, Twitter, blogs, communities, sites, and even in-person events, we want to publish your  testimonies and reasons for nominating. On each nomination form we ask you why you want to your nominee to win – and we want to tell the world the wonderful things you say. Whether your nominee has changed your life, made you laugh, or really impressed you with their dedication – we want to promote your praise.


So all month long we’ll be taking to the web with quotes, snippets, links, tweets, posts, and more all about your nominations and the Health Activists you love! Be sure to watch our @wegohealth Twitter account for a bunch of @s announcing those who have been nominated and those who have been nominating. Next week we’ll tell you more about each award and share some quotes from the award nomination forms here on the blog. And swing over to our Facebook page for status updates on nominations. If you check out this new Health Activist Awards Facebook album all month long – you can share who you nominated for each award and get to read what others are saying and who they are nominating, too. In fact – we hope you’ll tell your whole community who you’ve nominated and join in the Health Activist Pride with us!


A quick note: as you will see on each and every Award nomination form – we ask you “Would you like your nomination to remain anonymous?” so you can tell us if you want people to know what you said. We believe strongly in your right to online privacy so if you don’t want anyone to know that you were the one nominating – that’s totally fine! We still want to share the incredible, powerful, moving, and just all-around great things you’ve said about your nominee – we’ll just do it without naming names 🙂


We’re so excited to celebrate with you this month and look forward to your nominations!



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