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3 Truths and 1 lie.


A quick – thought-provoking –  post prompt for today that will hopefully inspire you to take it wherever you’d like it to go. You can make it a guessing game for your readers – or you can tell it to them straight.


For today’s NHBPM – the prompt is listed in the title. 3 Truths and 1 lie.  Write out 3 things that are true about you, your condition, your Health Activism, or your life. Three things that others may or may not know – but should. Or three facts, mini-anecdotes, or true statements.


Now, somewhere in there, tell us a lie. Something false that may be a misconception, a stereotype, an incorrect notion, or something you maybe wish were true.


If you’d like to make a game of it – ask your readers to guess. If you’d merely like to use it as a jumping off point for your blog post today – feel free to tell us that false thing and explain why you wanted to discuss it today.


Looking forward to seeing where you take today’s prompt! And – if you feel so inspired – you can list more ( 3 truths, 3 lies, etc). In fact – today’s prompt would make for an excellent Facebook status if you were interested in repurposing it to poll your friends…


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And it’s not to late to join in – head over here to sign up for all 30 prompts.



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  1. I wasn’t exactly thrilled by today’s prompt, and since I was very disappointed that I missed doing Saturday’s post, I went back and wrote to THAT prompt instead. I’m kind of late getting the link posted, but here it is:
    Life Changers are Always Painful http://bit.ly/tjNHQw

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