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Dear 18 year old Me.

Hindsight is 20-20. This isn’t great news for our past-selves but is a fact that will help you write today’s post for NHBPM.


Think back to when you were a mere 18 years old (which, for a some of us, wasn’t so long ago). What were some of the things you didn’t know at the time – but know now? There’s a whole list of things, isn’t there? What was important to you back then? How did you spend your time? How was your health? What milestones were you looking forward to? Who did you rely on?


Today, write a letter to that version of yourself. Keep all of those things in mind when you write.


Be sure to tell yourself what to do more of, what to do less of, and what you have to look forward to in the next few years. Are there any things you’d like to change if you could have a second go? What would you keep the same? Where does 18 year old You fit into your health condition and Health Activist story?


Keep in mind that teenagers aren’t the best at listening – so you may have to word things in a particular way that will make them understand. Reference things that are going on at the time in their life, history, pop culture, or mind that may help set the scene. It also may help to think of this prompt as writing a graduation speech or frame it list-like like this.


Bonus idea: Flip the script – write a letter from the perspective 18 year old-you.


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22 thoughts on “NHBPM Day 3

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