Yesterday we officially started National Health Blog Posting Month! Seeing all the great posts and creativity (as well as meeting some new Health Activists) was the perfect way to begin. Day 1 was a fun first prompt – let’s jump right in to Day 2! If you haven’t signed up to join us for National Health Blog Posting Month (or to check out all 30 prompts) you can do that here.

Now for Day 2 of NHBPM…


My TV Show.

The internet has become the go-to talent pool for Hollywood and the entertainment industry at large. What better way to get ideas than to see what’s already out there and piggypack? Well, in continuing with this trend – your blog, life, or community is being turned into a TV show!

Congrats – you’ve earned it. And, in fact, you get to co-write it. Or at least pitch the concept.

Tell us about it in your post today! Here are some questions to get you thinking:

  • What is your show called?
  • What kind of show is this? (Drama, Sit-com, teen drama, kids show, comedy special, contest show, reality show, mini-series, Lifetime Movie, etc?)
  • Who are the cast of characters? (Who makes appearances on your blog and life that would need casting for? Who will play them?)
  • What happens in the pilot episode? (Remeber – if you want to get your show picked up you’ve got to start with a pretty great first set up.)
  • Who sings the theme song? Any lyrics come to mind?
  • Where does the show primarily take place? (Think: sometimes location can be a character in itself. NYC, a school, coffee shop, your house, etc.)
  • How will your show bring about awareness to your condition?


Want to go old-school? Turn your blog into a short play or interview-style special. Think TV isn’t right for you? Write as though you’re creating a film or documentary. Keep in mind that entertainment and performance are often larger than life and it’s ok to exaggerate and embellish a bit if you want.


Participating in #NHBPM? Tweet us a link to your Day 2 post and share a link in the comments here! We’ll be RTing you all month long.

20 thoughts on “NHBPM Day 2

  1. Lauren Elyse Milner says:

    The Amazing Adventures of Autoimmune Girl! http://nonavigation.blogspot.com/2011/11/my-tv-show.html

  2. Chrisa Hickey says:

    Commuting, Caffeine Deficiency, and Group Hugs: NABPM Day 2 http://chrisahickey.blogspot.com/2011/11/commuting-caffeine-deficiency-and-group.html

  3. Melissa Lee says:

    Sweetly Syndicated: http://www.sweetlyvoiced.com/2011/11/sweetly-syndicated.html

  4. Here’s the link to today’s post, which ended up rather off topic..  http://yourefreakinkiddingmeright.blogspot.com/2011/11/too-many-options-day-2-of-nhbpm.html

  5. Anonymous says:

    My TV Show entry: http://www.tiffanyandlupus.com/2011/11/days-of-our-lupus-lives.html

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