It’s National Health Blog Post Month! Day 1

Happy November! Today we’re officially kick-off of our month-long health blog challenge. Join us in posting every day of the month (yes, even weekends!) about health. In case that sounds too daunting or you’re worried you can’t come up with any ideas – we’ve created a prompt for every day. You can feel free to grab a prompt and run with it – take it wherever it inspires you to go. Whether you’re participating in the challenge or  just want some ideas to get their creativity flowing – feel free to reference the prompts.


As mentioned, we will be posting the prompt of the day every morning here on the WEGO Health Blog – to help flesh out the idea each day and to offer a place for people to come and share links to their own posts. It is our hope that, by sharing our writing with each other, Health Activists will meet each other across conditions and enjoy making some new connections with other awesome health bloggers.


Love a prompt? Struggle with a prompt? Decide to take a prompt in a new direction? Tell us! We want to hear from you. Another positive thing about this blog challenge is that we will all be able to look closely at The Art of Blogging [About Health] and get in touch with ourselves as writers. Think of it as an online writing workshop. The WEGO Health Blog (and I) will host the workshop and other participants are your fellow workshoppers.


There’s still plenty of time to tell us “I’m in!” (or to check out the prompts) so head over to the sign up page here.


Now let’s get started with our first official day:


Titles of my future book.


Keep the memory of the printing press alive – merge old media and new media today. The theme of #NHBPM is that we are not only all bloggers – but health writers. So let’s go with that today.

Pretend you’re writing a book about your life, your health community, your condition, or Health Activism. What would you want to say? What type of book would you write? Is it a collection of short stories, a fictional novella, personal essay collection, or memoir?

Come up with 5 working titles and a quick book jacket synopsis. (Think of today’s prompt as a reason to write an overview of you and your blog – and a good way to describe yourself to new readers and connections.)

Bonus: Review your future book, design the cover (in words or a pic), title the sequel.

Participating in #NHBPM? Tweet us a link to your Day 1 post and share a link in the comments here!



32 thoughts on “It’s National Health Blog Post Month! Day 1

  1. Lauren Elyse Milner says:

    My entry is here: 

      1. Lauren Elyse Milner says:

        Aww thanks!

  2. In honor of National Health Blogging Month, I’m going to write one post a day for the entire month of November, starting today. WeGo Health has kindly come up with 30 writing prompts. I like that idea, as I can’t always think up something to write. Today’s prompt is to come up with five working titles for an imaginary book about my life, community, condition or Health Activism. Whew! And then, as if that wasn’t enough, describe one book jacket.
    Oh, jeezly crow. Here goes:
    1. An American Gimp in Germany
    2. The Elephant Chase
    3. A Flare for Blogging
    4. A Cane of my Own
    5. Heat Rub: Living with RA
    Silly, eh? At least they didn’t ask for the opening paragraph for each working title. Now, as for that book cover…
    It’s an illustration in grays and blues of a vast, deserted shipping harbor. In the middle of it is the back-view of a short, disheveled woman stands leaning on a cane, a purse slung over her shoulder and a slim reporter’s notebook in her free hand. In the distance we see what the woman cannot: A cunning Indian elephant hiding behind a stack of shipping containers. In large white letters over the top third of the illustration are the words “The Elephant Chase.” Smaller, at the bottom, is the author’s pen name, “Wren Hopper.”
    Hey, it’s a start.

  3. Chrisa Hickey says:

    Here’s my blog post: #NHBPM: Duh…

  4. This is a great way to get people involved in blogging. Can people who already have a daily posting schedule participate in this challenge?

  5. Bloodsweatcarbs says:

    I love this prompt! Here’s mine: 

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  7. I love this prompt! It helped me solidify some things for myself, and re-motivated me to get on the ball and get working. Here’s my submission: Current Projects: Titles of My Future Books

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