Health Activist How To: In Person Events Part 2

Get ready to hear even more about in person events from our own super-sociable public-speaking extraordinaire Bob Brooks.

In our first video of the series – Bob discussed what you need to do when you’re planning to attend an in-person event – what you should say, who you should plan to talk with, and how to get your elevator pitch down.

In this new video, Bob takes us inside the conference (literally – he was about to attend one as he filmed this!). Hear how to make the most of offline, in-person events and how you can get comfortable being chatty with others and really make the most of the environment.

Bob delves into three key things about conference-attending:

  • Meeting
  • Engaging
  • Moving On
  • If you’re even a little hesitant about how to go about making connections or making the most of a meet-up, these are seriously great tips.

    Check it out here:



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